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Achievers  is an energetic and highly dynamic organisation, formed by a team of professionals with a total cumulative experience of over 10 years in the field of education, Management, recruitment, marketing and IT, amongst others.
Achievers works with a customer-focused, professional management philosophy with clearly defined deliverables and commitments. Our Customers Successes are the guiding principle behind our own success. We offer Best-of-Breed solutions upon careful study and requirements analysis of our clients. The academic services division of Achievers is a recognised entity by itself, which deals with international universities and is recognised by all the ministries in the Asia-GCC countries.
Achievers International consultants are dedicated to counsel students in the Saudi, UAE, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon and other Gulf Countries looking for placements at overseas Universities. We recruit on behalf of many prestigious Universities and Institutes of Technology in the world.
Achievers is recognized throughout the
Saudi, UAE, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon and the gulf area as one of the most dynamic 'Study Abroad' companies that provides secondary school students and university graduates with the exciting opportunity to study abroad.
Achievers  deals with New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries. Our focus is on the student and not on the university; we find the perfect fit and place the student accordingly. Achiever's staffs are renowned for their personal and caring service that they provide to their applicants.
The highly qualified staffs are consistently in contact with the Universities and Polytechnics and are up to date with the various educational changes that are taking place in the world of degrees and postgraduate studies.


Mission Statement and our Services 
Help local Schools and Locals to develop educational outcomes that match the government requirements, as well as the market requirements 
Education and Migration service includes    :تشمل خدمات تعين الأماكن التعليمية
Assistance with applications     المساعدة في تقديم الطلبات
Application follow-up     متابعة الطلبات
Help with visa application     المساعدة في تقديم طلبات سمة الدخول
Visa processing and follow-up     أجراءات متابعة الحصول على سمة الدخول
Booking accommodation    حجز السكن
Help with travel/medical insurance    المساعدة في التأمين على السفر والتأمين الطبي
Pre-departure briefing and tips    تقديم إيجاز وأفكار ما قبل السفر
Booking airport transfers    حجوزات التنقل بين المطارات


Achievers International 

                               We  are a well-reputed firm specializing in offering professional service of education consultancy to a wide array of students across the Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka ,India ,Pakistan ,Iran ,Afganistan and Maldives to help them achieve their goal of pursuing higher education in the UK, US, NZ, Australia, Lituania,Latvia,Malaysia ,Singapore , Germany, India  and Canada.
                               We have been operating since year 2005 as a registered consultancy firm under the laws of Qatar, UAE, and Saudi. Sri Lanka.  During the 10 years of successful operation .As a whole team we have helped over 5000+ students to join the top universities and colleges to pursue their ambitions higher studies in Europe and US. We have been sending between 450 to 500 students per semester to UK, NZ, USA, Australia, Germany and Canada colleges and universities. Many colleges and universities around the world have benefited from our service and we are continuing to make an impact on the local education market by offering many professional facilities for students to make their dream comes true. We offer IELTS and Free IT  classes for students to improve their English and IT level.

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