Our Services
Our friendly and knowledgeable recruitment counselors use their expertise to assist students to confidently make the right choices to begin their life journey and achieve their international educational and career goals. With over 4000 course choices in 110 internationally recognised and government accredited Colleges and Universities around the world we feel comfortable that we have something to offer every student considering international education.

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Country selection
A wide selection of study destinations provide a plethora of education options, experiences, cultures, vibrant cities, scenery, entertainment and rich history to choose from. All the host countries are internationally recognized for the excellent quality of their education systems and education providers.
Our counselors will outline all the relevant factors to be considered in choosing the most appropriate country for you to study in line with your requirements. The counselors will also help you understand the education system in the host country. Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
Course & Institution selection
We employ a proven and robust student selection and placement process ensuring students are appropriately placed in suitable courses and institutions.
We assess the students' capabilities and strengths in particular areas, which helps us to identify various options for the students. And thus students can choose a program from these options and identify institutions of their choice.
We carefully help you choose the most appropriate course and institution in which to further your education and achieve your career objectives. Your academic ability, employment and life experiences, financial factors and preferences for lifestyle are all considered when providing you with the most suitable options.
We assist in matching your personal circumstances such as academic ability, previous work/ life experience and financial capability to the most appropriate options for you to make the right selection. . Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
Students may also be given advice on options to choose if they hope to migrate to their chosen country. Please contact our migration agent for further details or complete the enquiry form..
Through consistently performing well for our partner institutions we are able to secure benefits for our students and can often submit applications free of charge.
We provide comprehensive assistance with all application and admissions processes.
Our helpful staff will assist with understanding and explaining the relevant factors to be considered when applying to study abroad and the sometimes confusing terms on the international student application forms.
Guidance on completing forms, what supporting documents to provide, timescales for applications and on what happens next is all provided so you are fully supported and aware of all the factors to be considered at every stage of the process. . Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
Student visa
All students who wish to study Vocational Education or Higher Education courses abroad will require a student visa for their country of choice.Achievers has a fantastic record of over 98% success rate at securing student visas for our students. Our extensive knowledge of the visa systems in all the countries in which we operate enables us to confidently guide and prepare students to secure a student visa.
We meticulously guide students in terms of document preparation, financial evidence, health requirements, evidence of English language ability, any supplementary information, and in visa interview preparation where required.
Our counselors will also make you aware of the student visa regulations in your chosen country. Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
English language
International students applying for Vocational and Higher education courses and student visas in the countries in which we represent institutions will have to provide evidence of English language ability. Our counselors will accurately guide you on such requirements and can arrange English language tuition both pre and post departure. All courses are catered for eg IELTS, ELICOS, and TOEFL.
Accommodation can be arranged prior to departure. Our partner institutions normally have a wide range of central and suburban types of accommodation to cater for all our studentís requirements.
Pre Departure Briefing
Studying abroad can be a daunting experience for students and their families so we arrange pre departure briefings to help both parties know what to expect and how to coupe with the exciting challenges that lie ahead.
This is a brief overview of our services. For full information and advice please contact our counselors at office details or complete the enquiry form.