Switzerland is located in the centre of Europe and has a population of about 7.7 million people. The country has one of the highest standards of living in the world and a strong economy with excellent infrastructure and education system. The Swiss Alps are one of the most spectacular mountain ranges anywhere in the world and provide a stunning backdrop on which to embark on your international education. Four languages are spoken in Switzerland. Switzerland borders Italy, France, Germany and Liechtenstein with its culture being heavily influenced by these neighbours. This cultural influence spreads to language with German, French, Italian and Romanish being spoken in a variety of dialects. English is also widely spoken and is the language of instruction at all our partner Colleges and Universities.
Education System

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The Swiss education system is internationally recognized for its excellence and is renowned for producing high quality graduates. The country boasts an excellent choice of public and private education providers offering every discipline at all levels from Certificates and Diplomas to Doctorate courses. The high standard of the courses and teaching provide the excellent platform to embark your chosen career. The options on offer at our Institution partners offer some of the highest quality education in their fields to be found anywhere in the world. Successfully graduating from any of these institutions will greatly enhance your prospects of securing employment in the hospitality industry and embarking on a successful career.
The style of teaching and learning at Swiss Colleges and Universities develop strong analytical and academic skills which encourage you to think independently and creatively. The fantastic experience will be rewarding both academically and personally preparing you for life’s journey. Click here for a diagram and explanation of the Swiss education system or refer to link for further details.
Life Style
Swiss people are known for their warmth, friendliness, open mindedness and acceptance of things new. This maybe originates from living in such a culturally diverse environment. The Alps are as synonymous to Switzerland as strawberries to cream. The really permeate all aspects of Swiss life and culture. So much of what people do and how they do it are influenced by the magnificent spectre of the Alps and they have acted as an inspiration to many musicians, artists and sports people alike. Switzerland is split into 26 Cantons each with subtle differences to the other which strangely bonds the whole country into its own unique identity.
Switzerland has long been one of the most stable economies in the world and also boasts one of the highest earnings per capita in the world facilitating its people enjoying one of the highest standards of living. The country is famous for the security and privacy of its banking sector which has ensured major foreign investment over the years. Other main industries also include machinery, chemicals, watches, textiles and precision instruments. There is also a developed tourism industry making it a good market for tourism-related equipment and services.
Leisure/ Entertainment
The stunning beauty of the Alps has attracted many businesses offering a huge variety of summer and winter leisure activities for people to enjoy. Swiss towns and villages are famous for their live music festivals such as Rock Oz'Arčnes and the Montreaux Jazz festival which attracts people from all over the world. Each year there are also dozens of local music festivals to choose from catering for all tastes from Rock and Pop. Locarno's piazza is home to an open air International Film Festival every year. There are also an abundance of art galleries, museums, exhibition centres, markets, cinemas and theatres to choose from throughout the country. The great thing is that a significant proportion of these activities are free.
Student Visa
All students who wish to study Vocational Education or Higher Education courses abroad will require a student visa for their country of choice. IAEC Education has a fantastic record of over 98% success rate at securing student visas for our students. Our extensive knowledge of the visa systems in all the countries in which we operate enables us to confidently guide and prepare students to secure a student visa. We meticulously guide students in terms of document preparation, financial evidence, health requirements, evidence of English language ability, any supplementary information, and in visa interview preparation where required.
Most of the people working in Switzerland are employed by small and medium-sized enterprises, which play an extremely important role in the Swiss economy. The service sector including tourism also plays a significant role in the economy and provides many opportunities for international students wishing to secure part time employment. Student visa holders are permitted to work up to 20 hours part time during term time and full time during term breaks.
The many lakes and rivers provide opportunities for water sports in the summer or just relaxing by, having a picnic with friends. The winter brings a plethora of sporting options including Ski-ing, sledging and snowboarding being just some of the many sports that you can take part in through the numerous clubs and societies open to international students. Why not take the opportunity go and see the most famous footballers on the planet at UEFA Champions league games which Swiss clubs regularly take part in. Watch Ronaldo, Messi and Beckham play against the top Swiss teams. The heavy influences of Italian, French and German cuisine is evident in the wide selection of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets throughout the country ensuring there is something for every taste and preference. Great boutiques, markets, department and chain stores are abundant in the centre and suburbs of all the main cities. Atmospheric village markets can be found most weekend throughout the country and are great places to find traditional artifacts, clothing and food. For further information please refer too.

Our counselors will also make you aware of the student visa regulations in your chosen country. Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
This interesting variety of languages spoken in Switzerland are all part of the rich cultural diversity that the country enjoys aided by 20% of the population being from overseas. The altitude, clean air, beautiful cities, towns and villages heavily influence the lifestyle that the population enjoys. These are all set on the background of stunning countryside and off course, mountains. Zurich and Geneva are continuously voted as being amongst the most livable cities in the world. The infrastructure in the country is second to none with excellent choices public and private services to facilitate the extremely high standard of living that prevails.