The UK is one of the leading providers of international education in the world. With a population of approximately 60 million people spread across Scotland, England Wales and Northern Island there is a huge variety of cities in which to pursue your international education. It also has many beautiful small towns along with some of the most stunning mountains, lochs, lakes and countryside anywhere in the world.
The country has an excellent education system, first class transport links, rich history and culture, a high standard of living and is ideally located to explore Europe while furthering your education.

Education System

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The UK education system is internationally recognized for its excellence and is renowned for producing high quality graduates with the practical skills and knowledge demanded by employers internationally.
UK education boasts an excellent choice of public and private education providers throughout the country offering every discipline at all levels from Certificates and Diplomas to Doctorate courses. The high standard of the courses and teaching provide the excellent platform to embark your chosen career.

The style of teaching and learning at UK Colleges and Universities develop strong analytical and academic skills which encourage you to think independently and creatively. Your learning experience will be rewarding both academically and personally preparing you to embark on your chosen career and life's journey. Click here for a diagram and explanation of the UK education system or refer to eductionuk for further details.
Life Style
The UK is a relatively small country with hundreds of towns and cities all with their unique identity and characteristics to enjoy. The huge diversity of people, languages, local accents and cultures make it such an interesting place to live and learn. The cosmopolitan nature of the population make the UK a heaven for food lovers with every cuisine catered for in the thousands of cafés, restaurants, bars, supermarkets throughout the country catering for every culture and taste. The UK population is composed of people from all corners of the globe. International students from all nationalities and cultures add to the rich diversity of people and enhance the lively cosmopolitan atmosphere in and around our institutions campuses.

The UK economy is the 5th largest in the world, the 2nd largest in Europe and like most countries has experienced difficult times recently. This has devalued the pound against many currencies which is excellent news for international students as it means tuition fees are comparatively cheaper for their parents.
The services sector is the largest sector in the economy accounting for approximately 75% of total UK output. This is great for international students looking for part-time jobs as student employment is most prevalent in this sector.

Leisure/ Entertainment
The UK has a huge variety of leisure and entertainment options for international students. The country really does have something for everybody from the bustle of London to the extreme wilderness of the Lake District and Scottish Highlands. The relatively small distances and excellent transport links make discovering the UK a must for any international student and their families. The UK has literally thousands of sports clubs and societies, with Football, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling, basketball, Netball and Rugby being just some of the many sports that you can enjoy. Many clubs and societies are available on campus and are a great way of meeting people and making lifelong friendships.
Leisure/ Entertainment
All students who wish to study Vocational Education or Higher Education courses abroad will require a student visa for their country of choice. IAEC Education has a fantastic record of over 98% success rate at securing student visas for our students. Our extensive knowledge of the visa systems in all the countries in which we operate enables us to confidently guide and prepare students to secure a student visa.
We meticulously guide students in terms of document preparation, financial evidence, health requirements, evidence of English language ability, any supplementary information, and in visa interview preparation where required.
Employers rely on students to fill vacancies in this and other sectors to provide the services that consumers demand. Student visa holders are permitted to work up to 20 hours part time during term time and full time during term breaks. All of our education partners recognise that international students usually have to secure part-time work to pay for their living costs while studying in the UK. Assistance is normally provided searching for jobs, preparing CV’s and applications and interview preparation.
Take the opportunity to see some of the best footballers in the world in the English Premier League. Go to see the Ashes, Formula One, Wimbledon, the Olympics and many more fantastic sporting events. Explore the Historic landmarks of London, Edinburgh, Cambridge or Glasgow and there huge variety of café’s, restaurants, shops and live music venues. Visit Liverpool the home of The Beatles and soak up one of the best music scenes anywhere in the world in a vibrant city. There are also an abundance of art galleries, museums, exhibition centres, markets, live music, festivals, cinemas and theatres to choose from throughout the country. The great thing is that a significant proportion of these activities are free. London and Glasgow are famous for their huge variety of great boutiques, department and chain stores. They are also abundant in the centre of all the main cities. For more information on the United Kingdom please refer to the websites below.

Our counselors will also make you aware of the student visa regulations in your chosen country. Please contact your nearest counselor or complete an enquiry form for further details.
United Kingdom